Jymy re-brands to SJ Gaming

2 minutes

Since October 2017, Jymy has been operating the electronic sports field. SuperJymy ltd incorporates esports into a separate company and the CS:GO -team will continue to competing under the name SJ Gaming. The main goals are to tone up gaming action on the esports and as we’ve planned, rise to the top teams in the world.

SuperJymy joined the electronic sport with the aim of being at the forefront of developing a Finnish sports scene. SuperJymy is an organization behind one of the most successful Finnish baseball teams which is Sotkamon Jymy. SuperJymy Ltd business consists of the Sotkamo Jymy’s competitive acttions and Vuokatti’s entertainment events.

Esport moves now under a new, esports-spesific name, logo and overview. SuperJymy’s CEO Mikko Kuosmanen believes that the changes will lead a great outcome. Jymy’s solid background and experience in sports are strong support to build succesful esports organization.

– With the changes, we strive to accelerate and sharpen our gaming actions. Our goal is to create a new and contemporary sports club which means a new way of working in the esports.

– We continue to focus on the familiar values ​​we have created in SuperJymy. The team’s look is now being taken more to the esports scene, Kuosmanen continues.

Just over a year ago, SuperJymy took a part to the fast-growing esports. It was a partly new world for SuperJymy. Team manager Niklas Pehkonen sees that the study trip has been made and the stakes are getting tougher.

– The gaming goals are high. We want to develop esports overall behind the scenes. It’ll certainly bear fruit in to the our team and the entire electronic sport.

– With these changes, we want to address better the segment groups in the world of gaming, Pehkonen continues.

As a big agenda, SJ Gaming wants to develop a new kind of sports club activity, the athlete’s path and internationalization.

– This will mean new types of partnerships and possibly other ownership arrangements in the future. We see internationalization and building the religion of Kainuu as a major area of esports scene, Kuosmanen explains.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is a strong operator in the field of electronic sports, as evidenced by the Esports Business Degree Program.